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What transportation resources are available in the Greater Los Angeles area?

Los Angeles is a large, spread-out city. Getting around it is challenging for all of us. When figuring out how to get to where you want to be, there are public and private transportation options. Click on the links below for more information.

Public Options

Access Services – Provides transportation throughout the city of Los Angeles for people with developmental disabilities. For an application and eligibility guidelines, contact 1-800-883-1295.LAJAC-bus

City Ride – Offers discount programs throughout the city of Los Angeles for persons aged 65 or older and for qualified disabled persons. For more information, call 818-808-RIDE (818-808-7433).

Big Blue Bus – This is Santa Monica’s Municipal Bus Service, which extends into Los Angeles.

Culver City Bus – This is Culver City’s Bus Service, which makes many connections to Los Angeles’ and Santa Monica’s bus systems.

MTA – Provides discounted monthly passes and cash fares to qualified disabled people. For more information about MTA reduced fares call 1-800-266-6883.

Private Options

Like all members of the community, you can access services like Uber or Lyft.

For information about getting a driver’s license, click here.

For more information about transportation options, click here to be connected with an LAJAC Case Manager or Intake Specialist.

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