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The Los Angeles Jewish Abilities Center (LAJAC) is a strategic response to increased communal needs. Supported by a Cutting Edge Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation, we have created an accessible platform that will empower people of all abilities to access the resources and tools they need, promote collaboration, and live meaningful, purposeful, and Jewish lives.

The issues facing adults with disabilities are broad and distinct, and include everything from housing to daytime activities or employment opportunities, to legal and custodial issues.

“Much have I learned from my teachers, more have I learned from my colleagues, but most have I learned from my students.”
– Pirkei Avot- Ethics of our Fathers

We are learning from our teachers by meeting with experts in the field and researching best practices to identify what supports are needed and how to get them:

LAJAC.org is a virtual resource center that shares information about practical supports available in our community and beyond in accessible and empowering ways to help individuals who need support and their caregivers make informed decisions.

We are learning from our colleagues by facilitating collaboration between our program partners, including the case management initiative with our partners Jewish Family Service and ETTA.

Most importantly, we are learning from our students. By listening to the voices of self-advocates in our community, we are learning how to provide opportunities for adults with disabilities and their caregivers to easily access the resources needed to support themselves through challenges, celebrate accomplishments, and inspire others.

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